Asking Them Anything

Reddit’s Success | Starting as a value offering for the increasing segment of browsing internet users to find new interesting content, Reddit’s success is largely driven by its approach to bringing the masses together on niche subjects. Whether you’re a Doctor Who diehard, or a fan of cat pictures, Reddit provides an infrastructure for the average internet Joe to create a community and moderate content.

Asking Questions | The concept of AMAs or Ask me Anything posts, revolves around Reddit’s curious community taking advantage of their definite mass, calling out notable figures from ever avenue to field some of their quandaries. This isn’t limited to movie stars and celebrities though. A large body of Reddit’s users are of a science background for instance, and their subsequent community, or subreddit, r/science, is very active.  Neil Degrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and science communicator was listed as once of the best AMAs of all time. However, Reddit’s success was amplified when Barack Obama logged in on August 29th, 2012 and held his first AMA. Reddit’s servers crashed almost immediately.

The Power of Conversation | Consumers simply expect more of businesses in our current technological climate. We require two-way communication, and a say in the design process. We want our opinions noted, and our support recognized. And for the most part businesses are adapting. Dell Computers is a case study of using Twitter to provide customer support, and build brand equity. This new mentality transcends our consuming patterns and has slowly redefined the way we show preference for politicians and public influencers. Reddit, although open source and free of charge, is inherently a new frontier marketing channel.


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