Good Eats: Fresh on Bloor

No Meat, No Problem | As a rule, I’m pretty keen on meat. I was raised on hardy beef and pork, and don’t really understand why a meal would forgo the best part. I understand the moral argument of many vegetarians, animals have feelings too, however, I’m too comfortable in my Darwinian beliefs that as the bigger animal I get to eat what I want. Needless to say, when my good friend Rebecca insisted that we try Fresh, the vegetarian hide-out she found by Bloor & Spadina, I was at least sceptical.

A Jungle of Sorts | After a reasonable fifteen minute wait for a table for five, which was more a table for four plus a chair, we were seated near the front of the restaurant. Now, albeit square footage on Bloor Street is prime real estate, the restaurant was pressed to capacity. I can’t speak for everyone, but I wouldn’t have minded a thirty minute wait if I could have some elbow room. The decor though was stunning. Brilliant colours on the walls, and chandeliers that were just on the right side of the tacky borderline. Water was served in what reminded me of old milk bottles.

Meatless BBQ | Rebecca assured me that the best place to start on the menu was their BBQ burger, which I couldn’t help but be doubtful about. A concept of the BBQ is a slab of steak, or some juicy chicken pieces, so recreating this without the main ingredient, meat, was impossible in my mind. And was I ever surprised. The plate that came out looked stunning, and tasted even better. Their in-house BBQ sauce was incredible, and the onion rings layer on top of the patty added the crunch I was looking for. The patty itself though was what threw me totally for a loop. Although not the fleshy slice of cow I’m accustomed to, this burger patty combined so many great flavours for a burger that was not only mouth-watering, but left me totally content. I could barely finish the sweet potato fries that rounded out my meal.




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